Sugar sugar

I recently read some article about how the “sugar high” is a myth.  But right now I have 3 syrup-laden pancakes in my stomach begging to differ.  (And a completed lecture outline!  And two more pages of summarized notes!  And a flowchart!)

(Yes, that’s a sign that the school year needs to end.  I’ve already become resistant to diet coke, coffee, and red bull.  If summer doesn’t rescue me from this self-destructive cycle soon, this pancake business makes me think the next step will be resistance to insulin.  Or, I don’t know, meth.  Either way, my dentist will kill me.)

Also, yesterday I went to bed at 4am and woke up at noon.  Not because I was out doing exciting things – although Boyfriend and I did celebrate our 3-year anniversary (Way to go, team!) – but because that’s my regular sleep schedule now that I don’t go to class anymore.

So.. on the bright side, I’m saving time, I feel more relaxed, and I honestly get more studying done.

On the not-so-bright side, I have the sleep schedule of a 3 month old, I wear yoga pants every day, and it’s possible that people are beginning to forget that I actually go to this school.

I suspect I’ll become a dorm legend.  The pale, mysterious medical student who can only be spotted on stormy nights, at the end of the hallway, or at events with free beer.

… Yep.  Time to start going to class again.

10 thoughts on “Sugar sugar

  1. Don’t do it! I am totally that legend at Lakeside Med. The rumors that get back to me are kinda awesome/ridiculous and make it even more worth it to never go to class, IMO. The caffeine resistance thing may be the death of me, though, what with boards in less than a month. Know what I discovered yesterday?? Cliff bars with caffeine in them! Maybe the different method of delivery will help? I can only make my coffee so strong and I’m exhausting my sugar supply…

  2. omg I need to find those cliff bars. I started making “mochas” recently- a k cup, add hot chocolate mix, milk, and whipped cream. So good. I’m also eating lots of cap’n crunch and tootsie rolls. Congrats on the anniversary!

  3. I think skipping class is something pre-meds don’t expect. I remember having a med student mentor for a short while, and I attended a lecture with him. I was shocked when only half the class showed up.

  4. The flavors of cliff bars that come with caffeine are pretty good too. 😀

    Happy to hear you’ve joined the lecture-skipping side! I think it is the best side. Although we need the lecture goers to be a substantial enough population so that the administrations don’t crack down on us.

    I was a complete lecture goer in college because they weren’t recorded. But since they have recordings in med school, it only took a few weeks for me to start skipping.

    • Oh man, it’s definitely the best side! The lack of human contact was the main downside for me, but as soon as I got used to the awesomeness of waking up at noon and still being done with studying by 4pm, I was sold.

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