I’d like to introduce you to @MedSkoolGunner, an awesome twitter account about – shockingly enough – med school gunners.  Some of my favorites:

When studying for med school, some students see drawings, words or pathways. But I see faces. Faces of my future patients.#MedicalSchool

Had a 5 hour energy before bed. Memory consolidation occurs at night, need to be in the zone. #medschool

I spend as much time learning my med school curriculum as I do inventing ways to explain it to my future patients. I’ll touch so many lives.

Just learned the Hippocratic oath in the original Greek. I already feel closer to my future patients. #medschool

Just did a quick Netters run through before my histology exam – just to symbolize the need to focus on the big picture.

This is brilliant stuff, you should definitely check it out if you’re the twitter type.  (Or if you just joined so you could follow Neil Patrick Harris.  Whichever.)

(Note:  I’m not in any way affiliated with this twitter account, though I wish I was clever enough to have come up with it.  Just posting because it’s awesome and I’m short on blog entries.)
(… because I’ve been too busy studying.)
(… #gunner)

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