Quote Of The Day: Can’t believe I missed that lecture.

Pathology Lecturer:  “My supervisor always told us we could really connect with the students if we memorized all of your names. So I had an even better idea! I decided to just give everyone a new name. So… “Bob!” What do you think of this slide – normocellular, or hypercellular?”

And he continued to call on students randomly, by made-up names, for the rest of the morning.  (I love pathologists.  They all do awesome stuff like that.)  (Hi, Boyfriend.  Way to pick your future specialty!  Ten points to Gryffindor!)

Anyway.  This same lecturer came up with a mnemonic for the causes of papillary necrosis.  It’s a solid mnemonic, but I always forget what syndrome the mnemonic is for… so I thought “Hey, maybe if I come up with a terrible pun and draw a picture of it, I’ll remember.”

(Or, let’s be honest, “Hey, I over-caffeinated myself and can’t sit still enough to study anymore!  How can I justify drawing awkward pictures instead.“)

4 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: Can’t believe I missed that lecture.

  1. We had a professor do this to us too. Justice was sweet when she called — completely by accident — the head of the LGBT student association “Butch”.

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