Kidneys and me, we got a feud.

Actually, I don’t get along so well with mesoderm in general.  (Ectodermal tissues, though – that’s a different story.  Total BFFs.)

So I hope you don’t mind if I just totally ignore med school and post 3 random awesome things I came across today.

1.  The Top Baby Names Of 2010 are going to cause a lot of trouble for people in about 10 years.  This must be what really sucks about naming a kid – you can pride yourself on being all counter-culture and unique by naming your kids “Olivia”, “Ava”, or “Mia” – but you can’t control the rest of the nation, and they might just decide to follow in your trend-ignoring footsteps.

(… Damnit!  Those were supposed to be my hypothetical completely unique future child names!)

(Oh well.  I guess if I want to ensure my child never has to be referred to by their last initial in group settings, I’ll just have to go with something even safer.  Like “Sparklerama McRobot”.)

2.  This Picture Of Digital Gangrene:  Not For The Faint Of Heart.  But it is definitely for people who like really cool medical stuff.  (Actually, it’s really not that disturbing.  Less than 1/3 as bad as most pictures of necrotizing fascitis.)

(Or maybe this is just the part of med school where I’ve become desensitized to gross things, but haven’t realized it yet.  There was a fun period of time a couple years ago when my boyfriend was at that stage…  Lots of great dinner conversations.  Lots of uneaten dinners.)

3.  I kind of want to have 3 numbers, because numbering a list just seems like a waste if you stop at 2.  But all the other cool things I saw today are probably not really blog material (unless… who’s up for an impromptou discussion of the plot of Lady Gaga’s new video?  Anyone?  … Just me, then?*  Okay, cool.), and I’m starting to use the blank space next to “3.” as a reason to procrastinate even more, when I really shouldn’t.


Alright, kidney.  Prepare to be studied.

*  So… did Biker Jesus ask her to kill Biker Judas?  But she couldn’t, so she… drew lipstick on his face?  And writhed around a lot?  What was happening there.

4 thoughts on “Kidneys and me, we got a feud.

  1. So that’s gangrene? never seen it before. This is perhaps (incredibly) stupid, but I somehow expected it to be a little more… green. Also, with all the damage, how are the fingernails still there? My medical curiosity has been piqued!

    Good luck with kidney studying.

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