Today: a landmark double Red Bull, double shot day.

Also, I did my first pelvic exam.

Feeling an ovary via the cervix has to be the  most surprising, coolest thing I’ve done in weeks.  (I can’t believe I legit felt it!  On both sides!  I mean, I always assumed successfully feeling an ovary was only a hypothetical textbook possibility – sort of like identifying a grade I murmur, or palpating the spleen – I had no idea it was actually the norm.  So amazing.)

So glad I’m in medical school right now.  We get to do all sorts of cool stuff.

… Even though we also get to do all sorts of decidedly uncool stuff, like… say… stopping by Starbucks at 10 PM to caffeinate myself up for a night of studying bladder cancers.

(I’m normally not a fan of staying up all night to study – but the spring play really messed with my internal clock.  I apparently now think that going to bed at midnight and sleeping until noon is normal, and as a result, I have like 5 lectures to catch up on and no more sleep deficit.  Thus, the caffeination.)

Final exam on Monday.  As one of my classmates has said, right now it just comes down to doing everything I can to avoid renal failure.

3 thoughts on “Today: a landmark double Red Bull, double shot day.

  1. Congrats on the play. Always (especially early on) make sure you don’t become a one-track medic. There’s too much else to life.
    Good luck on your test. I’ve got my final finals next week, the equivalent of step 2 for you guys. Oh yeah, and I have step 2 at the end of the month. I can’t wait to read a book without an index!

  2. Oh cool! When we did the pelvic my patient had no ovaries because she was post-menopausal (though I guess it’s good I didn’t feel anything, for her sake).
    Good luck on the final!

  3. One of the things they did in massage therapy school was take a phone book and put a coin somewhere in there, toward the back. Then we palpated for the coin.

    The exercise really makes you realize how much you can pick up with touch alone.


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