I take my validation where I can get it.

So I’m currently trying to balance med school with our school’s spring play (Metropolis M2s, you should come see it!), a pseudo-leadership position (is that a thing?  I’m gonna claim it’s a thing), several unfriendly-looking deadlines, and the paperwork for my summer research.  And.. yeah.

I'm just gonna skip the paragraph where I stress out. Instead, here's a Natalie Dee (www.nataliedee.com) picture that sums it up.

I don’t even know, guys.  It’s not good.

In more uplifting news, Guide To Med School has pointed out that I am now #4 in the google results for Blonde Fundus.  I have no idea how that happened, but I’m willing to go with it:  Only Yahoo Answers and an Albinism forum stand between me and total google domination.  (Note to Yahoo Answers:  BRING IT.*)

Oddly comforting.  I may not be #1 at anything that’s actually “important” or “legitimate”, but it’s cool:  I’m #4 at referencing a benign medical non-condition!   Awesome.

*  I realize that wanting to be #1 for a medical non-condition just because I can makes me a total crazy person med student, but hey.  I’ve had worse spur-of-the-moment goals.**

** Example:  Juggling fruit.  Harder than it looks, and shouldn’t be attempted on hardwood floors.  PRO TIP.

4 thoughts on “I take my validation where I can get it.

  1. I see nothing wrong with wanting to be #1 on Google for something. Perfectly legitimate goal. Though maybe this should be taken with a grain of salt considering my current spur-of-the-moment goal is to go as long as I can without grocery shopping.

  2. I love your blog! I’m starting med school in the fall and am hoping to start a blog of my own. I can see it being hard to stay dedicated to it, though.

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