Blonde Fundus

In college, I was in a fairly awful folk band.

We prided ourself on performing only the most stereotypical anthems (hell yes, Joan Baez medleys!), and refusing to wear shoes, so we could out-folk-band every other folk band on campus (well, there was only one, but they were actually good – so we had to compete with them somehow).

(We knew we weren’t good, but parties asked us to play anyway because our lead singer was one of the most popular political figures on campus.  Also, we wisely took the stage only after everyone was drunk enough for us to repeat the same Indigo Girls song three times.)

But, right, my point: today I found out I have a blonde fundus.  This is tragic to me, because if I had heard that term 3 years earlier, my college folk band could’ve had the best name ever.  (We were all biology nerds, so I’m like 90% sure I could’ve sold the other members on it.)

But my favorite thing about this benign condition are the google results (basically a solid page of people freaking out).  I thought about titling this post “Blonde Fundus:  The Silent Killer” so it would creep up in the google rankings and terrify everyone, but then I decided that would be using my powers for evil.

So, yes, my opthalmology tutorial was today.  My preceptor told me that my blonde fundus was likely a result of my blonde hair and blue eyes.

I have neither blonde hair nor blue eyes.  So this seemed questionable to me, but what do I know?  Not anything about ophthalmology, that’s what.

13 thoughts on “Blonde Fundus

  1. It doesn’t sound so bad…Blond FUNdus!! FUNdus!! A disease that starts with the word fun?! Well, hell, I want some! It sounds awesome.

  2. So funny! I was at the eye doctor today and heard about this by chance. My mother has this – I now know – and she will be interested in learning about it, so I was Googling the topic. She is 96. May you live long and prosper!

  3. Victory IS yours. You still show up on the first page of google results, above the Wikipedia article.
    I’m so old as to be the crypt keeper, but my reaction was the same as yours — what an awesome name for a band!!
    Actually my first gut reaction to the optometrist who said, “You have a very large blonde fundus,” was a string desire to reply, “same to you, lady!” But I didn’t.
    In my youth (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth), if I stood in direct sunlight, I could say my hair was maybe almost blondish (now it’s certainly absolutely grey), but my eyes are super light grey, and I’ve been light sensitive my whole life long. No dire consequences so far.
    We should, like, start a club, with teeshirts and visors and window decals.

    • Make that “strong” not “string.” My English teacher always told me to proofread. . . .

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