As of this weekend, I am a huge fan of the following things:

1.  Goljan audio.  This is what I’ve been missing in med school so far – something that makes pathology make conceptual sense.

Up until now, I’ve only been able to do that by using 4 separate resources per lecture – which has been worth it, because I like understanding stuff, but has also involved a lot of serious side-eye from other students.  (An M1 sitting in the library with a pile of USMLE books doesn’t look good, I’ll give you that.*)

I can’t believe I haven’t been listening to Goljan for every block so far.  (Regrets!  I have them.)

2.  PathGuy.  I’ve passed up this website in the past because, as comprehensive as it looked, let’s be honest – there are Tripod pages from 1996 that are more well-organized.

But yesterday I sifted through hundreds of pages to find the most bad-ass lecture notes on glomerular pathology that have ever existed (pro tip: “ctrl + f” is your friend), and now I’ll admit that Dr. Friedlander is legendary and I should’ve been using his notes every block, too.

3.  This new sandwich place that delivers!  It is excellent, and the Chinese food people are going to miss me.

(Okay, not “miss me”, exactly – but there is one delivery guy from that restaurant who always gets really excited when he sees me, saying things like “You!  I know you!  I deliver food to you!  Nearly every day!”.

Then I feel really guilty because while I nod and tip him a couple bucks more than usual, my honest reaction is “oh crap, I have to start ordering from somewhere else, before I turn into one of those people who is only found dead in their apartment because a delivery place got concerned.”)

*  I used to avoid doing this because I didn’t want to look like a gunner.  But then I overheard a student being called a “gunner” for sending out a helpful drug chart to the class listserv.  And that was the exact second I stopped caring, because clearly that word means nothing.

3 thoughts on “As of this weekend, I am a huge fan of the following things:

  1. All I did to “study” for our practice USMLE exam was listen to Goljan while I drove to and from school from Jan-April- I listened to each of them once- and I got a 200. He’s amazing. His book is amazing too.

  2. Thanks for this — I’ve been collecting resources for the fall and your picks are always in my “must get” or “definitely use” category.

  3. Rumour has it, and I couldn’t possibly verify, but if you do just a wee bit of searching, you can find all the books and videos that Kaplan happily ask about $1500 for.
    Just saying. Some of those videos are meant to be real useful.

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