I guess it’s good to have goals.

At some point, I probably should’ve learned something about histology, because it seems to be the key to differentiating the 40 million different types of glomerular diseases.

What I’m Apparently Supposed To Be Thinking:  “Hmm.. podocyte foot process effacement and sclerosis of a portion of the glomerular tuft.”

What I’d Like To Soon Be Thinking:  “There is something deeply wrong with that glomerulus.”

What I’m Actually Thinking:  “Kidney.”

(… The sad thing is, I’d actually be proud to know it was a kidney by this picture alone, and can only be certain because, you know, hey – that’s, you know, what we’re studying these days.)

Yeah, it’s gonna be a long weekend.

7 thoughts on “I guess it’s good to have goals.

  1. Uuuuuggggghhhhhh, histology. Ugh. Ugh. The only thing worse than histology was pathology (at least in histo, all the slides are nominally normal) because a) by then I had mostly forgotten what normal looked like so how could I tell if what I was looking at was abnormal? b) I didn’t have a nice color atlas with important structures neatly labeled as a reference to compare my slide to and help me find things, and c) I realized that there are a heck of a lot more ways for something to be abnormal than normal. Like you, I was super happy when I was able to identify the organ a slice came from. There was a guy in my group who’s a histo/path rockstar, who made no effort to conceal what an idiot he thought I was, which was at least good for some entertainment. Plus I never ever ever for one second wanted to be a pathologist, so I’m not as worried about not getting it as I would be about something more medical. But hoo boy, am I glad to be done with those classes!!!

  2. My memories of histology are:
    – drawing so many circles that my hand cramped. Though difficult to avoid given the enormous number of nuclei encountered in the process.
    – Also, feeling slightly cross-eyed after long periods of microscope staring.

    Apparently I didn’t remember too much else because… what Not House said.

    I wish you well on your histology journey – may your hands remain nimble and your eyes perfectly straight! 😉

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