Metropolis Med’s revisit was this, um… month…ish*, and it was really cool to meet all of the future M1s, but man.

Revisit is weird – it’s like having a massive 1st date.  And not like the interview days, where there’s almost no pressure on us because the pre-meds are all just pumped to be there (well, maybe not everyone – there’s always That Guy texting in the back who’s all “Whatever, I just came for the free lunch.  I have a full ride to Dartmouth.“**) – no, you actually want and need to impress them with legitimate things now.  Like beer.

So while the goal was to just show the students a good time, my curiosity and competitive spirit kept getting the better of me, and I probably had the following conversation like 6 times:

Me:  So, how close are you to figuring out where you want to go?
Student:  No idea!  I love this place, but my boyfriend goes to Gotham Medical, and they’re pretty good too, so…
Me (JD-esque dream world):  Gotham?!  Oh, come on!   It’s less than 500 miles away – you can totally still visit on weekends!
Me (really):  Yeah, that’s a tough one.

Weirdly, almost all of the pre-meds I talked to had that “significant other in another city” decision to make – one that Boyfriend and I never actually had to confront, since I had chosen an approach to med school admissions that I liked to call “boldly throwing all eggs into one basket” and others liked to call “absurdly poor planning“.  (Tomato, to-mah-to.)

Speaking of absurdly poor planning, I have half an hour to eat lunch (does yogurt with M&Ms count as lunch?  Does it even count as food?  Why did I buy this.), change clothes, and get to class, so maybe we can just all agree to pretend like this entry had an ending that made sense.  I owe you.

*  Worst anonymous blogger ever.

**  I was not That Guy, in that I 1) am female, and 2) still, to this day, have yet to hear back from Dartmouth.

8 thoughts on “Revisit

  1. Heheh, something about you reminds me of Liz Lemon. I think its the yoghurt and m&ms thing.

    Just bookmarked your blog – it’s great!

  2. On Wednesdays i have about 15 minutes for lunch and to get to a class that’s more than halfway across campus. I’ve started just grabbing a coffee and croissant and turning that into lunch.

    • Oh man, undergrad lunch is the worst!

      I never had it as bad as 15 minutes, but I did have an entire semester where I convinced myself that a latte counted as a lunch as long as I ate 2 dinners later. (… not even gonna comment on my thought process there, except that long school days are hard.)

    • I never planned for a lunch hour. I just have a PB&J in my backpack that I eat in the 10 min. break between classes. It works.

  3. Just came across your blog– love the name. Takes me back to the good old days. 🙂 Yogurt & M&Ms = good training for clinical rotations, I swear. You know you’re an M3 when lunch becomes the 6 saltines snagged from the wards between OR cases. The first time it happens you think you’re crazy but then it just gets to be routine. On the peds wards you can find graham crackers and apple juice if you’re lucky and sweet-talk the nurses too.

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