In my defense, it was cold outside.

All right, renal physiology, consider yourself learned.  (Just finished all of the BRS questions with a 95%!  Whoo!  That is the sound of being done for the weekend.)

For some reason, I actually accomplished that this morning (like, when I told myself I’d do it, as opposed to this afternoon when I would’ve normally run out of internet to procrastinate with), which left me with a free afternoon, with which I could:

a)  spend time with friends and family
b)  pick up the entirety of my closet so that it is no longer covering my floor
c)  go grocery shopping, or
d)  write uninformed opinions on the internet while eating chinese takeout.

So first I picked up my room and then walked over to the grocery store to buy some reasonably priced and healthy foohahaha oh man, I kill me.

Right, then.  I now have a section on this blog for Awesome Med Books – for those of you who love medical textbooks as much as I do.  (Actually, I’m not sure who this section is for.  But check it out if you’re interested.)

(I also updated my medical mnemonics page, for people who bookmarked that and were wondering what the hell I learned during the respiratory section.)

On the menu for tonight are such awesomely classy plans as:  “call boyfriend”, “call mother for first time in 2 months, blame med school”, and “get friends together to watch a single episode of 30 Rock and drink wine in pajamas.”

(Yes, only one episode, because everybody’s studying until 10pm, and we have to go to bed before 1am because we’re now functionally 11 years old.  Saturday night and totally out of control. Hurray, med school!*)

* … Actually, no, that’s just us.

5 thoughts on “In my defense, it was cold outside.

  1. I don’t mean to be picky, but for the mnemonic for treating chronic heart failure, is it plavix instead of clavix ? I think your blog is awesome by the way 🙂

  2. I’ve been planning on cleaning up the contents of my closet that had vomited all over my floor for weeks…I’ll get around to it soon. I swear…maybe. Probably (and I don’t even have med school to blame it on!)

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