How to know you spend too much time at the gym.

Is there anything better for guilt-free procrastination than helping someone with undergrad biology homework?

When it’s hard, you’re like, “Hell yes, I don’t have to know this and never will!”, when it’s easy, you’re just relieved that you’re capable of remembering things, and when it’s somewhere in the middle, it’s actually helpful to review it.

So, right.  My little sister asked for my help on an assignment.  And, okay, look – I say dumb things all the time, and most of the time I don’t even learn from my mistakes (i.e., guess how “Dartmouth”, “ARDS”, and “bruits” are pronounced?  STILL NOT THE WAY THEY LOOK, SELF), so I tend to not judge.  However:

Me: … Yeah, this is fine– wait. “Katabolic” metabolism?
Little Sister: Is that wrong?
Me: No, you just spelled it wrong – that’s okay.  It’s “Catabolic”. Like “cataclysmic”, or “catastrophic”
Little Sister: Oh. I was thinking “Katabolic”, like “Kardio Kombat”.

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