Karma: I think pulmonology is mad that I made fun of it.

Today we had a lecture on lung cancer, and it made me feel as if our class had been mowed over by a large truck.

Quotes from lecture slides:

“Carcinoids:  Nests and cords surrounded by delicate stroma.  Uniform cells with salt and pepper chromatin.”

“Squamous precursors:  Koilocytosis is not common; this HPV viral cytopathic change is seen in papillomatosis of the larynx and trachea”

“”EFGR mutation and amplification correlates with response to EGFR targeted agents (tyrosine kinase inhibitors gefitinib and erlotinib)

If you are not a medical person, you should know that these words probably make as much sense to me as they do to you.  I wouldn’t know a “nest”, a “cord”, or a”gefitinib” if it hit me in the face.  (And for all I know about them, some of them might. I’d suspect ‘Gefitinib’  – sounds like the name of a surly gnome.)

The Entirety of The Notes I Took:

“Small cell vs. Non-small cell:  Learn.”

And I only added the “: Learn” after 40 minutes of lecture, when it became apparent that that was really all I was going to get out of it.

GUESS WHAT I’M DOING TONIGHT.   (Hint:  It involves “Big Robbins“, “Lecture notes“, and “Not nearly enough beer“).

6 thoughts on “Karma: I think pulmonology is mad that I made fun of it.

    • You’re right, it wasn’t that bad once I started studying it. I just had to work hard to translate everything to simple English… but I’m glad I put in the effort – tumors are really interesting.

  1. Here’s a homework assignment that should help:

    1) Go to your hospital
    2) Find five doctors who have worked for >20 years and/or earn over 400 K, ideally in pulmonology or intensive care
    3) Ask them to describe the stroma of carcinoid tumors
    4) Feel better about yourself.

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