Xena: Warrior Reflex Tester

Question:  In the entire medical world, is there anything more satisfying than walking up to a patient and successfully hitting all 5 major tendon reflexes on the first try?

In my head, I blew the smoke off my reflex hammer and twirled it into my lab coat.

In real life, however, I was then supposed to answer questions that showed I knew Actual Facts about reflex arcs – and since a reflex arc is not a lung, that didn’t go so well.  (“Reflex Arc?  Ah.  Well.. there’s a Golgi Tendon Organ there, that’s the thing.” <– my helpful response, courtesy of a $25,000 Neurobiology degree.  Excuse me while I sob.)

So I doubt that my anatomy skills will qualify me for neurology – but I might be able to hack it if they invent a subspecialty that involves nothing but reflex testing.  THAT WOULD BE AN AWESOME THING.

7 thoughts on “Xena: Warrior Reflex Tester

  1. At this point in my career do you honestly think I remember how the reflex arc works? Hell no. I only care if you have them, or not, or if they’re asymmetric.

    It’s like driving a car. I only car if it works. I don’t remember how it works anymore.

  2. What Grumpy said. I was like, “Golgi what??” I don’t even remember having to know that for step 1.

    Point being, I don’t think you can rule neurology out on that basis at all. In fact, your reflex testing acumen + your love of psychiatry indicates to me that it might just be the perfect fit.


  3. You’ll see when you get on rotation that your job consists less of “how does this complicated mechanistic pathway work” and more “get me the information I need to make the diagnosis”

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