Heart Block

Alright, I once promised myself that I’d never write a “Sorry I haven’t been updating” post, but… well, our cardio final is on Monday, and I’m in that special pre-test mode where I have a bag of garbage by the door, clothes on the bookshelf, and the realization that I somehow forgot the treatment for torsades, the lipid trafficking pathway, and dinner.

…Not on top of it.

So instead, I figure I might as well just post the link to a really awesome mystery case the New York Times is running.  I wish I knew enough medicine to have made a run at solving it, but it would take away valuable studying time right now.  And I’m sure someone on the official NYT comments page has already guessed the correct diagnosis, but what the heck.  Anyone feel like they have a good guess?

“A healthy 10-year-old girl noticed that she was losing a lot of hair every time she showered…”

Think Like A Doctor:  Mystery Case


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