Signs that I should go grocery shopping again someday.

I’m considering my plans for tonight, and at the top of the list is ordering pizza and “watching” the NCAA games while studying pharm flashcards.

I don’t really follow basketball.  Still, I think if I turn it on, it’ll make me feel like more of a human being and less of a flashcard-machine/computer-lump – even though it probably won’t affect my concentration.

… Win/win?

If that isn’t the saddest thing you’ve read today, I’d like you to consider the fact that ordering pizza is less of a “Because A Game is On!” decision and more of a “Because all I have in my fridge is 3 wilted salads*, beer, and coffee creamer.  And the delivery guy from the Chinese place has seen me so frequently this week he refers to me by name, so that’s outdecision.

Alright.  ESPN, hyperlipidemia flashcards, and hyperlipidemic food: let’s do this.

*  I bought them last week as part of a fleeting desire to Become Healthier, then realized I’ve never liked salads.  Throwing them away would mean that I’m acknowledging the fact that I wasted the money, so instead I’m just going to let them sit there until they’re officially inedible, because then it’s not my fault.  (It’s called logic, I’m pretty awesome at it.)

12 thoughts on “Signs that I should go grocery shopping again someday.

  1. Do you really hate salad or just ones you eat at home? I always liked salad but hated ones I made for myself. It’s just been the past few years that I’ve learned to make salads I like.


    • I suspect that I really just hate salad, because the only way I like them is when they’re filled with many Non Salad-Like things (i.e. an entire half of an avocado, plus 2 hard-boiled eggs, plus walnuts – at which point the greenery on the plate is just pretty much decoration.)

      But I’ll keep trying.

  2. haha, oh my god, I do this with salads too! I buy them to be healthy(and because I genuinely believe at the time that I will eat them), and then can’t stand the thought of throwing them out, so they sit and grow things inside my fridge.

  3. If you really feel you must eat salad, just pay for an overpriced one at the hospital cafeteria or ABP or something. Lettuce rots in my fridge too.

    For vegetables to keep at home, I’ve found that frozen peas and spinach do well, and brussells sprouts, broccoli, and asparagus keep for up to 2 weeks, which isn’t so bad for fresh veggies. Anything with leaves is wilted in like 3 days. Or if it’s in a bag, it gets all slimy. Ick!

  4. I think my wife buys food just so we can throw it out later.

    In med school my roommate, Enzyme, could make food out of anything. Like butter & crackers for a week until he hit the store. Or spaghetti and cream cheese.

    I once made PB & guacamole when I was really desperate.

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