Long day

This morning I went in for another day of blood draws for the research study.

Unfortunately, I guess my blood pressure had gotten bored with hanging out in the 110/80 zone and decided to take a brief vacation to the land of 78/40 instead.  I have no idea why, since I felt great (seriously, no one had so much as uncapped a needle yet) – but it turns out there’s some rule about not drawing blood from somebody who seems to be in hypotensive shock – even if it is mysteriously asymptomatic.

Still, I wasn’t about to give up $100 that easily, so I tapped my feet and sat up straight, which brought my bp up to a whopping 104/60 (I think I broke a baroreceptor.  Either that, or the automated blood pressure machine just spits out numbers at random), and the nurses got started with the draw.

Nurse 1:  Be careful, sometimes she passes out when the needle goes in.
Me:  Once!
Nurse 2:  Oh, honey, it’s fine. Look, yesterday I had a physician faint on me.  A physician!  Haha, can you believe it?  He said he hates blood, but he still decided to be a doctor!  Crazy, right?
Nurse 1: …
Me:  …
Nurse 2:  So, are you in college?

Good times.

(In defense of my career choice, when I passed out I was on the pointy end of the needle – not the wield-y one.)

4 thoughts on “Long day

  1. haha, that’s hilarious. did you guys tell her you’re a med student?

    I was shadowing once and saw a patient with a bp that low, maybe a little lower, and we were all a little confused as well – he was sitting up, eating lunch, said he felt great. we tried the other arm and got similar numbers. Ended up doing nothing since he wasn’t dizzy or anything.

    • Haha, yeah, the other nurse told her. (Her response: “Oh. Well… with a blood pressure that low, you probably just faint every few hours regardless..”) <– best recovery ever.

      And wow – glad to know I'm not the only person who's been that low for no apparent reason!

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