A few things

1.  Every spring and fall, I always have to check to see if we’re being sent forwards or backwards in time.  And then one of my friends is always like, “Hey, just remember – ‘spring forward, fall back’, and I’m always like, “That is the single worst mnemonic ever made.”

It’s equally possible to spring back or fall forward.  I’m not trying to be Ms. Concrete Thinker here, but as a memory aid, how is that not a total failure?

(See, I eventually remember the correct way because you 1) remember that the days get shorter in the winter, and 2) think about how you’d logically want to compensate for that, – and then 3) do the exact opposite.  Because daylight savings time makes no sense.)

2.  Hey, speaking of the above rant:

Amazon says the 1st chapter is titled “I’m Neurotic Myself And Delighted!”, but the 11th chapter title is my favorite.  (“Of Course Your Sex Life Is Far From Satisfactory!”).

3. I normally don’t care about studies that show how bad caffeine is for you (because dude, I didn’t just drink that red bull for my health.  I’d be first in line to agree it tastes like rat poison.) – but this one is different.  This one shows that coffee consumption is correlated with less risk of dying from cardiovascular causes.

Here’s the cutesy news story summary, and here’s the paper in Annals of Internal Medicine.

While I’d normally be suspicious of anything that makes my lifestyle sound healthy (despite how much I would love to see legit papers titled “Exercise:  Overrated“, “Aspartame Cures Cancer” and “Oops, Turns Out We Were Wrong About Calories“) – with n=128,000ish and”18 years of follow-up in men, and 24 years of follow-up in women”, I’m kind of inclined to actually believe this one.

4 thoughts on “A few things

  1. I am super neurotic about daylight savings too. It makes no sense, and started originally to help out farmers, but really makes no sense anymore now that we have…you know, flood lights. And genetically engineered crops. Having grown up in Arizona, it also just confuses the crap out of me and I generally spend an entire day completely confused about what time it “actually” is.
    But also, yay coffee!

    • I just think it would be nice if all the states could compromise. Let’s just all get rid of the SPRING time change and continue to give ourselves an extra hour of sleep every fall.

      • Genius! I am also especially not appreciative of the daylight savings change this year, as it falls the weekend before we have finals. D’oh.

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