Hipster Science

If you guys haven’t been following the #hipsterscience topic on twitter, you’ve really been missing out having a..  normal and productive life, I guess.

But it’s okay, because Scientopia has an excellent compilation page from this morning, and here are some of my favorites from tonight:

standevia: “*sigh* I just find the whole concept of how a function changes as its input changes soooo derivative”#hipsterscience

DrKaz I’m attracted to ferrous magnets…but its because they’re ironic.#hipsterscience

scicurious: I got my PhD from a small, underfunded school. You wouldn’t understand. #hipsterscience

hipstersci: Remember before Stephen Hawking went all digital? Those were the days. #hipsterscience

KingSara I like music in a vacuum. You probably haven’t heard it.#hipsterscience

seanjtaylor “You’ve definitely got to cite the working paper version, before the journal editors corrupted the original vision.” #hipsterscience

rkr7: Oh, you still go DOWN the concentration gradient?#hipsterscience

olcousinbil: I use my own immune system to raise monoclonal antibodies#hipsterscience

God, I love living in this century.

4 thoughts on “Hipster Science

  1. This is freaking hilarious. I laughed out loud at more than one of them. Also, that AVPM ringtone thing was awesome! It must have been so hard to not sing along, haha!

  2. Loved the MAB one. Wish I could come up with better ones for medicine.

    “Ugh, of course you would like the afterload the best.”
    “Ya, this is my fixed gear IV drip; it only goes 5 cc/h but it’s environmentally friendly”
    “I’m an attending, but I wear my short white coat because it’s retro”

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