Microbiology: Before & After

Man, I wonder how unique our school is for having spring break?  I didn’t really think that would be a de-anonymizer, but from the comments, it looks like most med schools scoff at the idea.  I feel so over-privileged!

Speaking of over-privileged, I was talking to a friend who’s spending his spring break in Europe (I KNOW), and right before he left he told me that the main thing he learned in micro?

Was that it was actually possible for him to look at pictures of syphilitic chancres without reflexively crossing his legs.

He just, you know, had to spend 4 weeks getting bombarded by unexpected STD pictures every few days during lecture.  That’s all it took.

I might draw a few more “Micro: Before & After” pictures this week, because otherwise I’d have  no excuse to draw (and I ask you, if you can’t spend spring break drawing silly pictures instead of doing something productive, when can you?).

How did blatant knowledge about the microorganisms lurking under every crevice change your life?

16 thoughts on “Microbiology: Before & After

  1. Hmm, we have spring break during MS1-3. We have a total of 4 weeks of vacation during 3rd year, which I found amazing! We’re on a traditional curriculum though, not sure how other schools do it.

    As far as the STD pictures go, just wait until you get to OB/Gyn. Be glad there’s no smell-o-vision.

  2. We got spring break during 1st year only. After Brain and Behavior part 1 it was totally needed.

    I second what Maren said re: smell-o-vision.

    Also, if you think the 1 week in Europe is bad (you could probably do it on <$1000, which is still a lot, but not HORRIBLE in the grand scheme of things), I had a classmate who spent the summer between 1st and 2nd year traveling. Around Africa. For fun. And then she came home and traveled around the US visiting people too.

    Must be nice.

  3. I’ve become much more paranoid about what I touch in the hospital.

    It’s also caused me to reflect on all the horribly unsanitary things I’ve probably put in my mouth (pens being at the top of that list).

  4. I bring my own pillow traveling now, strip my ED clothes at the front door, wear a metal watch band, and never touch my face in the hospital (or gym).

    But despite micro, I still eat unpasteurized cheese (yay Ireland!), sushi, beef carpaccio, and my burgers medium well. Call me a food kamikaze! 🙂

  5. My intern roommate had a friend come over to watch tv and the friend sat on the couch in scrubs. All I could think was “OR scrubs? ED scrubs? Oh god, I must wash the couch cover.” It’s also gross when people wear scrubs in the gym. I don’t want hospital germs all over my weight machines. kthx.

    • I think it’s more arrogant than gross (especially when accompanied by the pager)

      “Hey everyone, I’m far too busy to change out of my DOCTOR clothes. Yup, just a regular ol’ DOCTOR here, bench pressing 300 lbs. Don’t mind these DOCTOR muscles, but I need to be at the ready in case I’m paged back to the ward to do DOCTOR things”

      • Hahahah, exactly NH. Oh God scrubs in the gym???


        That is almost as bad as all of the 2nd years walking around campus with their stethoscopes slung around their necks before/after the OCASE last year. Douche. Move. Grande.

        SR–I would have definitely bitched out the dude who sat on my couch in germ-gear. Ughhhh.

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