Epidemiology is over! (Maybe!)

I mean, aside from how I might have to retake it this summer because I didn’t really understand the paper we were given for our final, I think I still came out okay.

(I thought “number needed to treat” was something magical that papers just gave you for free, like p values and CIs.  But our test asked for it and I couldn’t find it, so I just made one up.  I optimistically decided it might be the same thing as the absolute risk reduction*, because I’m scientific like that.)

So, yes.  Next up is our infectious diseases test on Friday.  I sincerely promise I won’t be making things up on that test – mostly because it’s multiple choice instead of long answer, but also because I’ve actually been studying infectious diseases, since I have the added motivation of not wanting to kill anybody.

… In case you guys haven’t noticed, me taking multiple classes at once seems to be a really bad idea.  It’s like trying to date 4 people at once and being penalized every time one of them feels neglected.

*  Oh. I just now looked it up, to see how stupid that would make me sound, and… hmm, pretty stupid, since the number needed to treat is the inverse of the absolute risk reduction, which…. yeah, that does make a whole hell of a lot more sense, doesn’t it?  GO TEAM.

4 thoughts on “Epidemiology is over! (Maybe!)

  1. Multiple classes is confusing, you’re lucky you get 4! I’m a first year in the UK and my weekly timetable at the moment includes cardio, musculoskeletal, microbiology, gynae, pathology, immunology, psychology and clinical skills. We then get a big combined exam at the end of each semester rather than every few weeks. It helps my knowledge retention to learn over 3 months but I need to be damn organised!

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