2 finals, 1 week, no patience.

I wonder if there are any med students with personal assistants.

The concept sounds ridiculous, but there’s a lot of medical students in the world, and a small percent of them would probably qualify as “unreasonably rich” – and really, wouldn’t a personal assistant make most things easier?

Hypothetically, if you were from a rich family, would you hire one?

One of my friends here probably should.  She has 4 grants in the works, a research gig, med school, and is co-president of 2 clubs.  But she misses half of everything that she’s supposed to go to, and mixed up her schedule last week so badly that she accidentally ended up in the wrong small group for the rest of the year.

So on one hand, I think, “That’s clearly too much.”  And on the other hand, I’m sort of wistfully thinking about how I did the same thing in college:  Leadership positions left and right, ran a lecture series, taught MCAT prep, consistently bought groceries at least once every 2 weeks and sometimes even separated out my laundry correctly.

… I think I used up all of my overachiever points.  They are gone.  I don’t really care about ECs anymore – I’m just trying to hit the highlights, get a few things on my CV before I graduate so it doesn’t look like I spend as much time watching entire tv seasons on Neflix as I clearly do.  (In my defense: Nip/Tuck is addictive.)

So yeah, I can’t claim hiring a personal assistant would help me.  I don’t have enough responsibility to have anything for them to do – after all, if I want to have someone else do my laundry*, it only costs about $5 a load.

The people who need assistants are the ones who are going to every Grand Rounds, taking advantage of all of our shadowing programs, volunteering, researching, and generally running the med student world.

I probably just need a little more motivation and a break from caffeine.

Epi final tomorrow, micro final on Friday – then spring break! It can’t possibly come fast enough.

* We have “delivery laundry” places here, and they’re magical.  It’s like all my childhood, chore-hating dreams come true: they pick it up, drop it off – they even fold it (I clearly belong in Metropolis.  They understand me here. )

13 thoughts on “2 finals, 1 week, no patience.

  1. If I had infinite money, I’d hire someone to come in every morning after I leave for work and pick up my daughter’s toys. And do the laundry and dishes.

    I have a cleaning woman who does none of these things.

  2. I use the wash and fold service at my local laundromat, but I still have to walk TWO BLOCKS to drop it off and pick it up.

    Oh the humanity.

    • Haha, I order groceries online. Another reason that I think I was meant to live in Metropolis – that’s apparently normal here.

      Last spring break ever, if it makes you feel any better! Then next year at this time I’ll probably cry when I realize I don’t have any more official breaks until.. well, ever.

      • After medical school you have from graduation(early May?) until beginning of residency. Even if you have a week or two of orientation it is still well over a month off. Plus you probably get time in 4th year too

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