Nematodes are not okay

I vote against them.

(We had our nematode lecture today – pinworm, ascaris, hookworm, etc.)

The funny thing is, I had a parasitology class in undergrad, so I already knew it was going to be an intensely traumatizing lecture.  I think that helped – I just let myself look around the room and get some dark enjoyment out of watching 160 people gross out (justifiably) at every picture.

Obviously the lecturer agreed with me – otherwise I suspect she wouldn’t have felt the need to include so many ascaris money shots*.

The best/worst part was that there was a pre-med interviewee in the audience – and she had looked scared even just walking into the classroom (she was on her own, probably not even sure she was in the right place, and probably pre-interview).  She actually dry-heaved a couple times – it looked like she was going to vomit.  (I am sorry, interviewee!  I hope it didn’t make you reconsider your decision to go into medicine like it did for half of our class!)

And as for me… well, I came home and ate food.  Then wrote this post.  And am continuing to feel pretty good about the field of psychiatry, on the whole.

*  I suppose you could google image “ascaris bowel” if you really want to know.  But, 1) no, you don’t, and 2) trust me, you really don’t, and 3) what are you, some kind of glutton for punishment? , and 4) or a future Infectious Diseases physician, and 5)  Wait, SAME THING.

15 thoughts on “Nematodes are not okay

  1. Micro is gross in general. But I know the ascaris picture you’re talking about and yuck. Disgusting. Did y’all get the breast picture? I can’t for the life of me remember what she had, but it was SICK.

    • “Poor pre-med” Nope. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

      I always found those picture, and the pictures of bedsores, to be fascinatingly repulsive. Does that make me weird?

      • I don’t know about bedsores, but I was repulsed and fascinated by some of the pinworm pictures. COULD NOT LOOK AWAY.

        And yeah, but poor med student was already stressed out and was probably expecting some nice light lecture on insulin or something. (not “Oral-Fecal Extravaganza Picture Day!”).

        It was a really good lecture, though.

  2. Call me crazy, but I googled it. Pretty gross, but the ones that really get me are ones that burrow out of your skin. Guinea worm and stuff…*gag*

  3. I remember a lecture on tropical infectious diseases – it’s undergrad so the pics were probably light weight in comparison to what you just saw. But I couldn’t help thinking when it was over that the class could cure die-hard environmentalists. the new mentality could be “kill it. kill it all.”

    and yeah, there’s kind of a “oh god, can’t look away” train wreck-ism to some of those pics. when it was just the damage caused to tissue, I was fine. but when they showed the worm emerging from the flesh…. eurgh.

    [just for the record I don’t have anything against environmentalists… I’m one myself :)]

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