Guest-posting and open call for the new year

This semester is going to be rough.  Metropolis Med has a condensed curriculum – we fit the usual 2 years of pre-clinical lectures into 3 semesters.  And judging from the schedule, this one’s the real monster.

Still, because I honestly love writing, I won’t be slowing down Action Potential much – I’ll definitely be live-blogging the semester from hell.  Plus, I’ve cut out an activity I haven’t enjoyed at all, so that should free up some time – but for the rough days where I need more, I could use some additional blogging help.

If you’re interested in writing a guest-post, I’d love to feature med school experiences that are (or were!) different from mine.   Did you love your early clinical experience course?   Do you have different advice for students considering the pre-med route?  Insight into how to dress like a professional on a student budget? A great experience in surgery?

You can send your post (under 500 words fits best*) to me at – if you have a blog, include your address and some biographical info so I can link back.

Or – if you have questions about what med school or the application process is like – again, please e-mail me at  Since it’s best to get multiple opinions, we can round-table it in the comment section.  Could be fun.

Thanks to everyone who’s been following me, and all the amazing bloggers who’ve linked here.  I never would’ve guessed that so many awesome people would be interested in reading this, but I’ve loved hearing what everyone has to say in the comments – your support and advice has meant a lot.  Happy new year!

*  Although, as you’ve probably noticed, it’s not like I don’t occasionally break my own rule to pieces.  (Hello, 700 word post on gunners..!) I guess, as a pirate once said, “it’s more what you’d call a guideline.”

3 thoughts on “Guest-posting and open call for the new year

  1. Oh, cool! I really, really wanted to go to a three semester school but I only got into one and it was much more expensive than the school I’m going to. I’m really happy with my school, but I’m also happy to get the chance to live vicariously through you! I think I’d like to aim for doing a guest post someday, when inspiration strikes. 🙂

    Happy New Year to you too!

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