Med School and The Art of (Not) Cleaning.

My room is a disaster.  Normally, I only clean my room after tests* – so usually the room cleaning involves a ceremonious tossing-out of power points, re-shelving of relevant review books, erasing of the white-board, and hole-punching and filing away my overall summaries.

But until today, I haven’t been able to bring myself to erase the elaborately drawn embryo (with FGF/Wnt gradients and counter-gradients diagrammed out!), toss the small piles of notes I keep finding everywhere, or re-shelf my review books, because – and I know it’s a little Hoarders: Med School Edition–  because I thought I may need to keep all of my Embryology stuff in case I had to remediate**.

Accurate.  Except, she has her medical knowledge together.  But she's fictional, so I'll give her that oneUnfortunately, now I have a Genetics test on Tuesday and an Anatomy test on Wednesday – so while I at least erased the horrid embryo – not only have I not put anything away like I usually do, but I’ve actually been adding to all of the piles.  It’s getting a little dire.

The funny thing is, I can’t blame med school.  Everybody else’s rooms are spotless.  They are cover images of Martha Stewart: The Refined Graduate Apartment.  We’re talking pristine, white carpeting and floaty curtains.  They own vacuums, while I’m just proud that I finally got a rug.

My only saving grace is that, unlike the med students I imagine would be profiled in Hoarders: Med School Edition, I don’t have any piles of garbage, food, or dead squirrels.

*  We have tests about every 2 weeks, so I vote that my system is totally okay.  That is like infinity times more often than I ever voluntarily cleaned my room in high school.  And in college I was only cleaning because I didn’t want my boyfriend to think I was a total slob, so that clearly doesn’t count.
** Actually, to be fair – I still can’t bring myself to re-shelf my review books because I accidentally broke one of the legs of my nightstand and I’m using them to prop it up.  But the point stands.

7 thoughts on “Med School and The Art of (Not) Cleaning.

  1. i’m the exact same way. sort of. Usually, it’s a disaster until the day BEFORE an exam. THen i get sick of studying and clean it as a break lol. good luck on your exams next week; i can’t believe how late you guys finish!

  2. In vet school, we had a different test every Monday. Totally blew away EVERY weekend…no going out of town, no recovering from hang overs, etc.

    Of course, after our last final each semester, we went (at 10 AM no less) to a classmate’s house and broke out the champagne. Later that night, it was moon bounce time…our group of friends rented a moon bounce after each semester’s finals were over.

    I totally get the not cleaning until after the test. My habit has extended to having to clean/do any chores until after my runs of shifts…15 hours at work is not conducive to coming home and doing housework.

    The “good news” on the review books, most of the information is outdated enough that there is precious little that you actually should take with you.

  3. As long as I can see the floor, I consider it ‘clean enough’.

    The only caveat to that is if some important notes/textbooks are left unidentifiable in the mire.

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