Med School In Graphs #2: The First Semester

One week from today I will be an M1.5.

(The sad thing is, those high points WERE me being on top of things.  I was never more than two lectures behind, but it always felt like more.)

Still, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  Honestly, it’s been an incredible ride.

3 thoughts on “Med School In Graphs #2: The First Semester

  1. Ah, Medical School 🙂 How I wish thee were more closer! How I would walk into thee halls and sit upon thee desks, gaining wisdom and innovating the world with treatment. Alas, I must finish high school first. 😦

  2. I know that graph, but it really didn’t start occuring until this semester. I was stuck in the “must study always” cycle for 2 years. Then this semester’s events caused the above rollercoaster. Although, I never have a dark night. More like a dark morning. 🙂

    Good luck with the rest of your semester. I have 5 hours until I’m a VM3.5. I like the 0.5 you added. 🙂 We usually would say we are 5/8 of the way done.

  3. Lol, yeah, that’s pretty accurate! Though I must admit I experience a high after exams even before the scores are up! Like right now. 😀

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