The nerdy truth: Some things never change.

When I was in high school, most of my fashion sense was still stuck in the 90s and probably influenced heavily by Sabrina The Teenage Witch.  (Crushed velvet blouses were so cool.   Or at least, they should have been, which is practically the same thing.)

While I still don’t quite ‘get’ fashion, I’ve since prided myself on getting the basics down.  For example, all of my wardrobe staples are currently “in” – belted cardigans, circular scarves, long tunics with leggings, boots.  Progress!

Unfortunately, when I caught myself in the mirror this morning on my way to Genetics, something seemed odd… Where had I seen this exact look before?  What magazine spread was my entire wardrobe unconsciously copying?

Suddenly, it hit me:

… I dress like a Jedi.

If I’m correct that this is currently socially acceptable, that’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever heard.

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