There will be blood

First, because the North Korea situation distracted me from studying all morning.  In my defense, I woke up to headlines that said, in order, North Korea threatens ‘sea of fire’ as South begins war games with US, US and S. Korea move forward with war exercises, and South Korea Artillery Mistakenly Fired on DMZ1.  I’m now hoping North Korea is doing that thing where they threaten people with death for looking in their general direction and then crazy on over to some other idea and forget all about it.

… So yeah, I wasted about 3 hours on google news.  Embryology just doesn’t compare.  I’m sorry, embryos – you’re interesting and all, but we’re talking about a pre-apocalyptic world here.

Second, because Boyfriend taught me how to draw blood today.  It’s not as bad as I thought – but something about visible veins has always creeped me out 2 … and I don’t think I’ve gotten over it yet.  At all.

Honestly, if I have to predict how this is going to go down, I’d say that in a few months I’ll stick someone with good veins and feel really proud and happy that I’ve overcome my fear of veins, then turn right around and have to spend 15 minutes trying to find a vein on someone else and I’ll probably pass out.

So.  Good things, clearly, are ahead.

1 … Holy crap is that a bad time to mistakenly fire on the de-militarized zone.
2 In case you’re curious how I reconciled that with the idea of going to med school, I didn’t.  I decided to ignore the phobia and hope that it would go away if I stuck enough people slash maybe went into a specialty where I wouldn’t have to.
Sometimes I don’t make good choices.

8 thoughts on “There will be blood

  1. I’m terrified of veins too! Everyone thinks I’m crazy! I have a fear of tendons too. Learning to test the brachioradialis reflex almost sent me to the bathroom.

    • WHOA. I’ve never met anyone who shared my irrational tendon fear! Haha, learning how to tell if you have a palmaris longus by flexing your forearm and feeling around… that was rough.

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  3. OMG, me TOO! haha, seriously, I gag a little just thinking about sticking someone for blood…I figure it stems from the fact that I have awful veins so every blood draw I’ve had has been a world of misery. However, I have zero rationale behind my tendon issues. Zero. And now I’m going to be all skiddish the next time I travel because I just learned that Ciprofloxacin, the drug they hand out like candy to travelers for gastroenteritis, carries a risk of tendon rupture. ugh, I think I just barfed a little.

    At least I’m not the only one!

  4. It gets easier after your first few times. You (as calloused as this seems) stop thinking about the person behind the arm, and just focus on getting that damn vein to stand still.

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