I had Thanksgiving with Boyfriend and a room full of his 3rd year friends.  Since 3rd year sucks everyone away from each other, everyone was pretty psyched about getting to catch up.  It’s just too bad that “catching up” took the form of divvying food around and telling “worst disimpaction ever” stories at the same time.

It was fun, though.  And I don’t think I’ll be coming back home until next Thanksgiving (no money for it this semester, no time for it next semester, research this summer), so I’m enjoying all the things this city has that Metropolis doesn’t.  For example: Boyfriend, having a real kitchen, having dinner parties with people who enjoy discussing their favorite taxidermists*.

Meanwhile, I’ve only sacrificed about 3 hours a day to studying.  I don’t know how that sounds to you guys (an undergrad friend of mine figured that, since I’m in med school, I’d be studying all day on Thanksgiving – but my parents were shocked to hear I was doing holiday studying at all).  Really, med school hasn’t been the “forget everything else and study for 8 hours a day” marathon that I suspected it might be.

* I imagine if you discuss your favorite taxidermist in Metropolis, you either get the cops called on you or you become Taxidermy Guy.  I’m not gonna lie, I love these people and will defend their right to own stuffed deer heads, but my bias on this one lies in favor of Metropolis.

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