I am average, hear me roar.

Pharm scores went up!  Totally celebrated my exactly average score last night, in an average way, at an average restaurant, with average beer.*  Obviously, it was awesome.

Embryology, so far, makes me wish the human race could have just stayed embryos – structures would have been much easier to memorize.  Pharyngeal arches,  cuter muscles and bones, and all of the organ relations were so easy before they went and twisted around on each other:  Heart = central, liver = central, right side of the heart = the actual right side of the heart… c’mon.  That’s awesome, right?  (Special bonus:  tails.)

… No?  Just me, then?

Cool.  Just checking.

* Average = 88%.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m just happy to pass and do well, but having our class nail an average that high is pretty cool too.

1 thought on “I am average, hear me roar.

  1. Congratulations! Glad to hear the test went well. Hope you enjoy embryology; it was my favourite part of pre-pathology material.

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