How I Found Out

Cate, who writes Confessions of a Shopaholic Medical Student, asked how I found out other students were reading Action Potential, which is a good question:  Through the rumor mill.  There may actually only be a couple readers from Metropolis Med, but the conversation went something like this:

This is as close as I can get to a picture of me nearly choking to death on falafel.Friend: Hey, do you know who Action Potential is?
Me: *nearly choking to death on falafel sandwich* … What the- Action Potential?
Friend: I think that’s what it’s called. An MS2 told me there’s a 1st year blogger – she says it’s definitely someone in our class.
Friend: You always seem to know things.
Me: … What’s a “blogger”?
Friend: – Except for now.


1 thought on “How I Found Out

  1. Haha, sometimes feigning oblivion is the best way to go. Yeah, I am thinking about applying to some New York schools and I actually have a friend on the Upper East Side that might be willing to house me/ show me around…so….yay interviews! Haha.

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