A few things

1.  The end is in sight:  The pharm test is on Monday.  I’ve been preparing by reviewing the slides, videos, and the outlines I’ve written of each lectuhahahaha no, just kidding.  But doing those things would’ve been an excellent idea, probably better than spending my afternoon glued to my computer screen watching A Very Potter Musical instead.

2.  Aaaand… link.  A Very Potter Musical.  Starring Darren Criss (the guy who plays Blaine on Glee) and a fantastic cast. This is hilarious and I don’t regret wasting my afternoon on it, actually.

3.  Apparently my blog doesn’t have a title in google reader (“title unknown”?), I can’t seem to add a title to it, and the only thing you can successfully google to find it is “huntington’s cag mnemnoic”.


4 thoughts on “A few things

  1. I had a total squee moment when Darren showed up on Glee this week! I LOVE “A Very Potter Musical”! Discovered it last month (just before a path exam… cut down on my studying but it was totally worth it). (In my opinion, “A Very Potter Sequel” is actually much better than the original, and if you haven’t watched it yet you should check it out!!)

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