Research interviews

Tomorrow I meet with several researchers who have seen my CV and are open to me doing research with them.  I pubmed’ed some names and found out they’ve done incredible research that I actually know about.  And after 3 months of not knowing anything, that tells me that they’ve got to be pretty well-known in their field.

My gut instinct is that this is awesome and I really hope it goes well – although to be fair (or maybe just cynical), I’m offering to provide them with free labor – so it’s probably going to go well even if they hate my educational background, my reasons for wanting to do research, and my sweater.

Downside:  I’m scheduled to talk to each researcher for about an hour.  That leaves a pretty sizeable gap in my “knowledge”:”time to speak” ratio.  Here’s hoping the conversation sticks closer to “when are you available” than “what are your thoughts on these repurposed methodologies?”

4 thoughts on “Research interviews

  1. Let’s switch places!
    I’m an MD/PhD student just finishing up my PhD and heading back to clinic. I have no idea about medicine!
    I enjoy your blog very much. Bern reading it for a little while be.
    In all seriousness, though, remember that researchers are a special breed. They’ll spend most of your “interview” telling you about their research. That’s just what they do. You won’t have to fill too much awkward silence, I promise.

    • Haha, thanks – sounds like a good trade to me!

      That makes me feel a lot better – thank you! It makes sense that they’d want to tell me about their research. I’m glad I read this comment beforehand, I feel like I can go in more relaxed now. 🙂

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