Bayer AM wants to fix my morning pain

So yesterday I was trying to catch up on How I Met Your Mother, and ended up having to sit through the “morning pains” commercial Bayer’s come up with to promote “Bayer AM.”  Because I am still young and idealistic about medicine, I thought that “morning pain” might be a euphemism for some cool and interesting new diagnosis.

It is not.

Things that are ridiculous about this commercial:

Oh, cat. We have a pill for that now.

1.  As far as I can tell from the commercial’s narrative, “morning pains” are best defined as “waking up when you’re not a morning person.”

2.  I had to watch this commercial to watch How I Met Your Mother, yet when I tried to find a video of it so I could link you guys to it, there actually wasn’t a good one on youtube.  What kind of sorry excuse for marketing is that?  How hard is it to upload an official commercial to youtube, Bayer?

3.  As Dave Wilcox points out on Kerfuffle, the secret ingredient to fixing morning pains is, apparently, the equivalent of a cup of coffee with your aspirin.

I really recommend reading the whole post, because it’s impeccably researched, and I like his explanation of what Bayer AM is really for.  And then if any of your friends start wondering about the whole subject of “morning pains” after seeing the video, you can give them a great answer, sound smart and worldly, and potentially save them $7.00.

3 thoughts on “Bayer AM wants to fix my morning pain

  1. morning. my best time of day. it started when my cat became diabetic and needed bid shots. now i get most of my work done before noon, everyone sees my car in the lot when they pull in, and nobody complains if it is gone when they are leaving.

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