Alphanumeric soup.

Today we were given about 40 drugs to memorize. While it’s true that we didn’t get to medical school by not being able to memorize arbitrary and random pieces of information, memorizing drug names takes “arbitrary and random memorization” to a whole other level. I mean… yohimbine = a2 antagonist? There’s no rhyme or reason to remembering that, especially not when there are 39 more random syllabic, letter, and number combinations to learn. These things are like top-level security passwords. I’m just frankly shocked that there aren’t any special characters in the middle of the words yet.

Anyway, for those of you who read this on a feed reader (hi!), I’ve been slowly adding a Med school resources and Medical mnemonics page. The mnemonics page is an experiment – I’m not sure if it’ll be helpful to anyone else or just a bunch of silly word associations that only make sense to me. The way I figure it, worst case scenario is that I’ll at least have everything in one place when I start studying for Step 1. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments.

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