The study group vortex of death

“Okay, so 12 and 11 are on one side, and 7 is on the other.  They both go to ten.”
“… Wait, what? I thought they were all on both sides.”
“No man, 12 and 11 are intrinsic – 7 is extrinsic.”
“Because 7 goes to the face?”
“What? 7 is everywhere, dude.”
“Oh.. cause it branches.”
“Right on. 7 branches to 10.”
“Whoa, I didn’t know that. 10’s all up in the neck and thorax, though!”
“… Dude.”
“… DUDE. We’re studying coagulation.”
“…. not cranial nerves?”

(The factors in the coagulation cascade and the cranial nerves are both numbered from 1-12 and commonly drawn out in crazy swirly patterns. Really, now that I think about it, I’m surprised this mix-up doesn’t happen more often.)

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