There are no words for how much better pathology is than histology.  In the past week, not only have I read the assigned reading – I read it twice, then actually took notes.  Because I suddenly wanted to know it cold.  (For comparison, my study plan with histology was as follows:  “Go to class.  Probably.”)

Normally I’m nerdy enough that this desire to actually do the reading wouldn’t surprise me at all, but after nearly 2 months of cells, organelles, and many long and unwieldy molecular pathways, it’s like I’m finally seeing a light – some of this stuff is really cool!  It feels good to identify malignant cells and read about embolisms and quickly figure out why your friend had to get a corticosteroid shot for her lacrimal duct obstruction*.

It definitely feels much better than diagramming out the inhibition of protein XiJ23 by caah42 and ARG09.  (Truth:  Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between genes and old-school chatroom screen names.)

Anyway, everything’s moving along.  I’m trying to pull together some part-time research in psychiatry – I think it would be really cool, and I do have 10 hours a week free, but it’s a little tough for the psych department to try to find me something that fits into the highly inconsistent med school schedule.  My friends think I’m nuts for voluntarily giving up the time, but I’m just hopeful that I can squeeze into a cool project.  Fingers crossed.

*Incidentally, it’s because it’s nice that the tissue wants to repair itself, but you have to kill its efforts and just say no to the immune response if you don’t want fibrotic tissue all up in your field of vision.
I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how Robbins phrased it, too.

1 thought on “Improvements

  1. Pathology is to Histology like grapes are to wine. Okay, crappy analogy, but you get the point. From someone who spent lotsa time in “other” activities during med school, lemme say that you should totally spend your extra hours in psych, or something else that you’re passionate about. Big picture helps you remember/appreciate the little picture. 🙂

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