From the Preface to the Third Edition of Larsen’s Human Embryology:

“A short time ago, I received a concrete example of the relevance of human embryology to the practice of medicine: A physician wrote to Dr. Larsen requesting his collaboration on a chapter of a book for pediatric physicians.  […] It is with great sorrow, however, that I must announce that William “Larsen died suddenly in January of 2000 and therefore was not able to participate personally in this project.  He would have been delighted by this evidence of a real and direct use of embryologic knowledge for diagnosing and treating patients – a trend that will undoubtably grow exponentially in the coming years.”

… I always think it’s sad when writers die.

I also think it’s sad when I open a required medical textbook only to find the writer was excited his subject actually has a current clinical application.

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