Psych Interest

Last week I went to my first Psychiatry Interest Group meeting, where there was a panel of current Metropolis residents who discussed why they chose Metropolis Psych over all the other programs.

PGY3: You know, I interviewed all over the country and was always disappointed with psych residency programs. You’d get there, and they’d be all, “Ooh, we go surfing every morning!” or “We ski every weekend!” or “I have so many outside interests and hobbies!”, but it was like – what about psychiatry? It’s like they forgot what they were actually in training for.
Other Residents: *nodding*
PGY3: But then I found Metropolis Med, and I knew I belonged here – we’re here to spend 4 years on psychiatry, not 4 years on ‘outside interests’.
Me: *sound of pencil firmly crossing off program from potential list*

So that was helpful.

Actually, who knows, I might agree with him in 4 years. Psychiatry does sound awesome. But I’ve already acknowledged the fact that, in medicine, “sleeping a full 8 hours” actually falls under the category of “outside interests and hobbies”, and I’m just not sure I’m willing to give that one up, even if it is only for 4 years. (All of the current doctors and residents reading this now are snickering, I know. But ACGME has just announced that the longest consecutive shift allowed for interns will move from 30 hours to 16 hours in July 2011. Some people may argue that this is a dilution of medical education, but I for one really don’t know what I could possibly learn after 24 hours of staying awake against my will. I’d have to count myself lucky just to not make a major mistake, since studies have shown that after 24 hours of not sleeping, you are essentially drunk.

Anyway, I think my point was that psychiatry is awesome, and I love sleep.

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