How It Goes

We had a first year student leave school this week. Nobody knew about it until some of the small groups had to be rearranged, which is one of the saddest things I think I’ve ever heard – especially since many of us knew this person and liked her. She’s just gone.

I joke about the stress level of med school on this blog, but I’m in two minds about it – on one hand, it’s doable. I may write about how hard med school is, but I have time to write this entry, watch some tv, and talk to Boyfriend for an hour every night. I’ll be honest – med school mostly cuts into whatever activities are deemed least useful at any given moment (mostly laundry and cleaning my room). But on the other hand – med school just piles on the work, every single day – no break from the action, no way to catch up past the weekend.

For example – because the anatomy test was yesterday, most of the class skipped the morning histology lecture. The morning was valuable study time, so we all felt like we could podcast the lecture later. But after the anatomy test, it was definitely time to celebrate – which led to a lot of people missing the next morning’s 8am histology lecture. So now you have two intense histology lectures to catch up on, and then a whole new anatomy lecture about a totally different region of the body, and you can’t even start studying until after anatomy lab finishes at 5pm. And god help you if you took on one of the many extracurricular groups that meets on Tuesday nights. And yet, all you did was take a morning to study for an afternoon test, and an evening to celebrate. It sounds so reasonable.

I love med school, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else – but the material never stops coming, and the idea that I’m only ever one bad week away from being irreversibly behind and drowning in the material… that’s scary. The student who left may not have left for that reason – but whatever it was, she sure as hell didn’t spend 4 years of her life trying to make it to the point where she got into Metropolis Med only to leave. None of us did.

4 thoughts on “How It Goes

  1. Your blog is awesome. I’m hopefully heading to med school next fall and this is very exciting, scary, enlightening, inspirational… Love the way you write and tell stories.

    Please keep up the good work 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I’m planning on writing a series of entries on the application/interview process soon – the year before med school is in some ways more stressful than the first year of med school itself, I think. Best of luck with the process! 🙂

  2. I’m an MS2 at… let’s call it “Hick-ville Med.”

    The best thing I realized last year was that, if you get behind, you’re only actually behind until the next test. Once you take it… clean slate! (Presumably you forget 70+% of the material and have to relearn it for the final, so you won’t really be much farther behind then, either. But perhaps that’s just me.)

    • Haha, that’s awesome.

      Actually, we just have one test for block (every test is a final), so being behind for one might lead to failing the unit up here… but you’re right, I do pretty much feel like no matter how on top of things I am, I have to relearn 70+% of the material for the test anyway. It’s like a mathematical law.

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