Our first test is tomorrow

And  I’m not going to feel like I belong here unless I pass it.

Passing sounded so easy last week – I’ve had most of this material before, nothing’s new or surprising.  But when do you stop studying?  When do you decide that you know 70% of what will be tested?  I’m making 74-78% on practice tests/questions (which would have horrified me in undergrad, btw) but that’s not what I would call a comfortable margin of error.   I’ve never felt this way before a test before.  It’s like I can talk about the material, I know most of the material, and I’ve memorized a lot of details about the material – and it still might not be enough.

At least with undergrad tests, you always know when to stop studying.  This.. this is just crazy.  I just want to stop studying, relax, and get some sleep – but there’s this voice in my head that keeps saying “But what if you fail?  Rewatching one more lecture could make the difference.”

This would be less disturbing if I didn’t apparently have a reputation for being really low-key.  (‘Low-key’ may or may not mean the same thing as ‘slacker’.  I think that depends on how I do tomorrow.)  But at least I have someone who always reminds me to put things in perspective and just relax:

(Sorry, Boyfriend – you’re great, too!  But it’s hard to compete with a singing fish.)

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