Yesterday, Fizzy at A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor, posted an awesome comic that I probably should’ve read before writing my post yesterday:  Guarantees for your First Week of Med School.  It said everything I had to say about the first week, right down to the amazing highlighters I purchased.  Except that I can’t draw the Krebs Cycle in 30 seconds.  It would probably take me 30 seconds just to say “.. Krebs Cycle?  That’s.. glycolysis, right?  Enzymes?  Rate-limiting steps?  Oh, wait, I got this -” .

I can draw the brachial plexus in 30 seconds, though.  Hell yes, anatomy.

I had high hopes for yesterday, but I didn’t end up doing anything on my to-do list.  We didn’t even finish our dissection in lab (though we were dissecting the entire back, shoulder, and posterior arm in 3 hours, so I’m honestly just impressed we got as far as we did)  because we had some cool clinical correlation stuff an anesthesiologist was showing us, which I couldn’t see.  I skipped an optional talk that night so I could study some, but I just ended up attempting to buy groceries online and failing.

When Boyfriend called last night, I told him about some of our morning lectures, but couldn’t remember the name of the rare disease we covered, and it took me at least 2 minutes to remember what the underlying cellular problem was (it was a cytoskeleton protein.  Shocking, I know, since the lectures today were all on… cytoskeleton proteins.)  Anyway, he knew all about the disease immediately, so apparently it’s either not as rare as I thought, or I have more studying to do.  I’ll take a wild guess and get to that studying thing now.

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