Packing for a new city

When moving to a completely new area of the country, I guess there’s a few choices to make – like how to get your stuff there along with you, preferably as painlessly and cheap as possible.  Unfortunately, this seems to be a case where the Rule of “Pick 2” (from cheap, safe, and simple) applies.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of cheap and simple, so I’m picking the controversial “stuff it all in a suitcase and tip the curbside people $10 in hopes they don’t actually weigh it” method.  If I were more of a ‘getting it there safely and in one piece’ fan, I guess I could’ve chosen to ship things (shipping is safe, right?), but the effort involved in actually going to the post office and getting boxes, then driving home, packing, and going back to the post office to weigh the boxes and pay for them but NOT mail them yet (since student housing has threatened us with death if we mail packages before we arrive), but then handing the boxes to someone else to mail instead…

Just… No.  Not in a million years.  Do you know how much time I could waste on the internet in the time it would take me to do all of that?  Everything will fit into one suitcase, even if I have to donate half my clothes to make this happen.  (Yeah, I could do two suitcases, but my inability to afford a taxi means I’ll have to take several metro transfers on my way to the school, and when I picture me trying to navigate escalators and small spaces with 2 suitcases, a carry-on, and a huge purse, yackety sax is playing in the background.)

Actually, a lot fits in there when you vacuum pack your clothes.  It’s kind of mesmerizing, watching the huge piles of clothes in gigantic, overpriced ziplock bags shrink down to nothing when you turn the vacuum on.  Half of me is wondering why I haven’t been doing this all my life (the space!), and half is wondering whether I’ll ever be able to iron out the wrinkles.  So it’s either the best idea ever, or possibly a very poor decision.  Time will tell.

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