I was assigned my advisory dean for Metropolis Med today.  He emailed us all and told us it would be great if we could send him some information about ourselves so we could start to get to know him – but he’s the head of a huge fancy department, and I’m not exactly sure what “some information” about myself would mean in that context.  My prior scientific background isn’t really relevant and feels like bragging for no reason, my personal hobbies make me feel like I’m writing a dating ad, and telling him I’m interested in psych and neurology feels a little premature, since we haven’t even started school yet.

Boyfriend is bewildered by how much I overthink simple things like this.  If he were in my shoes, he’d just fire off an e-mail saying “Hey, I’m interested in pathology and work on cars and computers in my spare time.  Looking forward to meeting you.” and be done with it.  Too bad I don’t have any easily categorized hobbies like that.  (Video games and reading about celebrity gossip on the computer… somehow not as cool.)  Hopefully it won’t take me all afternoon to come up with a sentence or two about myself to send him.

Boyfriend’s transition from pre-clinical med student to clinical med student is weirding me out. I keep finding things that he’s treasured for the past 2 years – like whiteboards, or board review books – tossed off to the side (we’re getting ready to move) and I’m all “OH MY GOD, your BRS Histology book!” and he’s like “Yeah, I don’t need it anymore” and I’m like “But it’s your favorite!” and he’s like “Haha, guess what? It’s your turn to carry it everywhere you go. Take it.” and I flip through it and see all the crazy amount of material and I’m all, “… don’t want it. Take it away.”

(Not really, I’m overjoyed that he saved his books for me. But seriously, it’s weird to go from the attitude of “none of this fancy medicine stuff concerns me” to “… I don’t know what any of this means, and in a few months, I’ll have to start figuring it out.” It’s just a weird transition.)

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