Medicine: Battlestar Galactica Edition

Boyfriend’s studying for his medical boards, and he just called me up to tell me that he’d made up the greatest mnemonic ever.

The CAG is hunting 4 cylons.

Hunting = Huntington’s Disease, CAG = a CAG trinucleotide repeat, 4 = chromosome 4.

Because Huntington’s Disease is caused by having multiple CAG repeats on the 4th chromosome.

Now whenever someone brings up Huntington’s, you can nod your head and act all sage and say, “Yeah, isn’t it scary just how much damage a CAG repeat can do? It’s on the 4th chromosome for Huntington’s, isn’t it?” and they will think you’re a complete nerd GENIUS.

2 thoughts on “Medicine: Battlestar Galactica Edition

  1. Thanks!! Inspired by your mnemonic, I added a few other features I am trying to remember:

    When HUNTING in KOREA, a CLOUDY MIND will cause you to JERK, instead, ASPIRE to REMAIN PARALYZED, or you will go HUNGRY. After the hunt, don’t 4-get to DATE what you CAuGht.

    Translation: Hunting Chorea, dementia, jerking movements, aspiration, muscle rigidity and increased response to paralytics, malnutrition, CAG on the 4th chromosome, seen in the 4th decade in life, caudate nucleus is primary disease location

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